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Our members work everyday under the protection of collective bargaining agreements. These bargaining agreements lay out rules and regulations agreed to by us and our employer on such things as the wages and salaries we are paid, the amount of holidays and vacation time off we enjoy, and how we go about resolving disputes or getting things smoothed out. Most of these agreements last for three or four years and represent quite a bit of security in this day and age. We usually meet to go over proposals for changes in the contracts long before the contract expires so that we can all have some say in what changes we would like to see made.

Local 1459 has specialists who monitor the workplace to see that the contract is being adhered to by the employer and to help figure out better ways to improve our standard of living and quality of life at work. Of course, because the UFCW is large and represents many workers in many different industries and occupations, we have a lot of experienced folks around who know what it takes to get the job done and represent our best interests before the employer.