COVID-19 Update for LPVEC

As of today (5/14/20)  the Union sent a singed Agreement back to LPVEC to get drivers paid for the remainder of the 180 school days.  This would allow drivers to get paid, the same way they have been getting paid, through the end of the school year.  LPVEC proposed doing away completely with the end of the year attendance bonus of $200 for those with 5 or more sick days in the bank.  The Union disagreed as a good portion of the school year had been attended as of March.  The Union was successful in securing $100 of the $200 for the end of year bonus for those with 5 or more sick days in the bank.  The rest of the contract is in full effect for the remainder of the year.  


COVID-19 Update for Brattleboro Food Coop

We met in a zoom Labor/Management meeting 5/13 and had a very frank discussion of maintaining operations while ensuring safety during this pandemic. We will commence Inters Based Bargaining, June 22/23 and hope to get an initial zoom bargaining session in before the July 4 break followed by more sessions in July.


COVID-19 Update for Narragansett

NRSD: There will be no layoffs through the end of the school year. There is discussion of possible layoffs for the Fall as the budget is uncertain. There is discussion of trying to zoom bargain a conclusion to a new contract.

COVID-19 Update for Gill-Montague Custodial

GM Custodial: In light of MA DOL loosening guidelines, the unit is returning to full working mode within the remaining COVID restrictions on masks, distancing, gloves, and gatherings.

COVID-19 Update for VATCO

Vatco: Using Governor’s order on masks to enforce a version of no mask, no ride.  Passenger is instructed if needed on necessity of mask.  If the customer says anything other than they are unable to comply because of medical issue, driver calls it into office, management and/or police meet the bus in route and passenger is removed.  So far, there have been few problems with passengers.

COVID-19 Update for Durham School Services Holyoke

Durham/Holyoke: continue to be paid guaranteed hours; put in for lost extra income qualifying them for Federal $600 week supplement.  Charter section is receiving UI plus Federal pay.

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