COVID-19 Update for Monson Bus

All transportation employees will continue to be paid while schools are closed, and they are also being given trainings to do at home as part of the compliance to maintain their licenses.

COVID-19 Update for Wild Oats

After discussions with management at Wild Oats Co-Op, please see the statement below: 


As you know, things are very hectic right now for all grocery workers. Wild Oats members have been going above and beyond to support your community during this trying time. We are expecting things to keep changing quickly, even if we don’t exactly know what the coming days will look like we will continue to be here for you through these times, no matter how crazy things may get.

In order to thank you all for all of your continued hard work, Wild Oats has agreed to provide you all with a temporary $2/hour pay premium for the current and following pay periods (retroactive to March 15, four weeks total for now).  While they don’t know for sure what the situation will be in the coming weeks (and it seems likely that we’ll all still be living in these unusual times) they are offering to extend the premium into at least the next pay period. 

Also, the Co-Op will continue to excuse employees who need to be absent for reasons related to COVID-19 (either their own or a family member’s) and will be providing paid leave to eligible employees under the new federal legislation, should that be necessary.

Beyond that we will work together to assess things week to week, and will definitely keep you all up to date on any new updates.


COVID-19 Update for Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is offering for employees to apply for Leave of Absence if the employee doesn’t feel comfortable working.  Trying to get Stop & Shop to provide gloves, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers to everyone.

COVID-19 Update for Wild Oats

Wild Oats is currently providing gloves to workers.  Also started curbside pick-up to limit exposure for employees.  Wild Oats is allowing employees to participate in “compassionate time off pool”.

COVID-19 Update for Monson Bus

Monson is paying all members their current rate of pay at the number of hours regularly worked, as well as paying into any benefits members are currently receiving.

COVID-19 Update for Chicopee Housing Authority

Providing gloves for all employees to wear and sanitizer to use.  Switched to 95% of meetings being held over the phone instead in-person.  Also , taking extra measures to clean more often (3 times per day).

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