ABC – Active Ballot Club

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Give $1 a week (or more) to support pro-worker candidates.
Sign up today or call us at 
800-332-9699 and ask to speak to Dean Ethier.

Help elect pro-worker candidates

The Active Ballot Club (ABC), the UFCW’s political action committee, leads the charge to elect pro-worker candidates—so we don’t end up with anti-worker politicians making decisions that affect our future.  With big business vastly outspending working families on politics, the UFCW has to fight back stronger and smarter.

Strengthen the voice of working families
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Is it worth 25¢, or $1.00, or more per week to protect time and a half on Sundays in a retail store  Is it worth it to keep your pension secure?  Is it worth it to build a brighter future for you and your family?

The answer is truly as easy as A.B.C. Invest in an America that includes a solid middle class, vibrant unions, and strong communities.  Contact your union representative about the Active Ballot Club or fill out the online form.