A Union Means Better Wages, Better Jobs

Interesting in joining a union?

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By organizing a union, workers can attain significant improvements in the terms and conditions of their employment. Union workers enjoy much stronger legal protections on the job as well as better wages and benefits.  Below are some facts about the difference a union makes.

Better Wages

Union workers make on average 21% more in wages than non-union workers. A no brainer, huh?


Health Insurance, Pension Plans, and Retirement

Many Local 1459 contracts have language ensuring affordable health insurance. The employer pays all or most of the expense.  And Local 1459 has negotiated pension plans to ensure a secure retirement for members.  The chart below shows the difference a union makes in providing these basic protections.

IB Image

Job Security and Due Process

All Local 1459 contracts contain language that prevents employers from unjustly and arbitrarily terminating, suspending and/or reprimanding a worker without having just cause for their action. That means a manager or boss cannot discipline on a whim, they have to have a reason.

All Local 1459 contracts contain a formal grievance and arbitration procedure to provide workers with due process at the shop floor level.  If a worker feels they have been disciplined unfairly, Local 1459 contracts give workers the right to file an official complaint and, if needed, have their case presented to an independent arbitrator to decide on the merits.