COVID-19 Update for LPVEC

At this time the parties (lpvec and the Union)  are working to negotiate a payment of wages through the end of the school year.  The Employer has a meeting on monday (May 11)  with the districts and we hope to know after that.   If wages are continued to be paid until the end of school year they will be retro to the end of the last agreement that expired beginning of this week.  If they are not, we will inform on what steps drivers and monitors should take regarding unemployment insurance.   Please stay tuned next week to our website and LpVEc emails to stay informed.  
Also please note, if the employer has and continues to pay you scheduled hours, the Union cautions against filing for unemployment.  Should you receive a check (for close to the full amount of your normal pay) from lpvec and then open an unemployment claim and get paid there too, one may be required to pay back unemployment.   Partial unemployment is only granted to folks who have lost a significant portion of pay.   Please research whether you meet the criteria before filing.