COVID-19 Update for Chicopee School Nurse & Technical

Last Friday the Union met with the Superintendent and assistant Superintendent over concerns that the return to work letter send last Thursday did not have a clear plan of return, nor did it address safety concerns.  The following  is what UFCW Local 1459, along with all the Union Stewards, Negotiated. 
-PPE masks will be available at all locations for all returning employees.  Unit directors will put out a notice to all employees telling them where they can find PPE.
-Administration will begin looking into buying gloves to go with masks.
-The return plan to get employees back into the building will be done in a way which limits the number of people in the building at any given time. Schedules will be staggered to limit the numbers in the building.  
-From those who have for the past 7 weeks remained at home at no loss of wages due to serious health concerns or because they are taking care of a family member, the administration will discuss options for these people.  The parties agree that these individuals will not be subject to discipline for remaining home until they have discussed options for continued leave and have time to acquire the proper documentation with Human Resources. 
-While the return to work order is only for half of an employee’s schedule they will still receive their full pay and benefits. 
-Any employee who has not been receiving Chicopee emails should inform their director and they will be assisted to ensure they are getting all the notifications.
– The parties agree that there needs to be a reasonable amount of time given to employees to return to work should they have legitimate issues they are dealing with. No employee shall be disciplined during the first several days of the call back should they not be able to attend.
Nurse and Technical-  The Stewards will work with the Director to ensure that employees are brought back in a safe manner.  The parties agree that the stewards will discuss with the Director what work can still be accomplished from home for the time being, with the understanding that they may need to come into the building to work as well.