COVID-19 Update for Work Opportunity Center

This is the plan to start bringing  the Union Employees back to work.
1) Effective  Monday 4/ 13 / 20  WOC will will change everyone’s status from laid off to furloughed.
2) WOC will pay the employees health insurance consistent with the amount per month when the employee was laid off.
3) Employees will work a minimum of zero hours and a maximum of 12 hours per week.
They will be paid at the same rate as when they left WOC.
4) Employees will be able to work from home or office  until the Governor lifts the band.
5) Employees will participate in telephone calls with consumers, residential providers , DDS Service Coordinators , WOC managers , consumers’ family members , ISP team members and employers.
6) Employees will remotely participate in ISP meetings, develop curriculum and do research on the internet to develop programs and community outings for future use.  Also telephone calls for job development and checking in by phone with job sites if consumers currently working or not working due to COVID 19.
7) Employees will organize internet learning for consumers using Zoom, Google, Facebook and Face-time.
8) Employees will keep logs , data sheets and write progress notes.