COVID-19 Update for Hampden-Wilbraham Cafeteria

We are happy to report the district is committed to the ongoing payment for staff during the shutdown. Staff will continue to be paid for their regularly scheduled hours. They would like staff to participate in online professional development in the coming weeks. All groups in the district including paras, school nurses, teachers, maintenance workers currently have varying levels of work requirements.
The District took a survey of staff last week and identified four staff members that did not have a reliable device at home to use to participate in online training. They were all given the opportunity to pick up a device from school.
The work requirement will be as follows:
Part time workers (Scheduled for 20 hours per week or less) will be required to complete 6-8 hours of online training per week.
Full time workers (scheduled for more than 20 hours a week) will be required to complete 8-15 hours of online training per week.
Trainings will be provided by the district. They will be sent out each week by Monday, and will have to be completed by Friday of the same week.
Staff will be responsible for filling out a training log, and attesting to the hours required.
If an employee does not complete the required trainings, those hours will be deducted from their pay for the week.
Staff will have access to district IT staff to help them address any technical issues they may have.