COVID-19 Update for Chapin Center, Willi West, Willi East and Governors Center

I have spoken to Sam Fiore, Regional Vice President and she has assured me that ALL four (4) Nursing Homes are running just fine for now. At this time there is no confirmed cases of the coronavirus at any of the four (4) homes. However, all employees walking into their nursing homes upon arrival will go through a screening process. Their temperature will be checked, they will be asked if they had any of the coronavirus symptoms or if you were exposed to any one that tested positive. This is to ensure the safety of your residents, fellow co-workers, visitors, families in the communities. She also assured me that ALL of the Nursing homes have the proper equipment needed to perform your jobs like gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. Staffing at this time has not been an issue at all and there are pick up bonuses when called in to do an extra shift or called in on days off.