COVID-19 Update for Sodexo

Sodexo: There is work in 15 schools opened with 2 staff members per school site. There are positions available in all 15 schools please contact Lisa Dejesus at 787-7111 ext 66107 if interested.

Sodexo C.N.C: There is work available at the Culinary Nutrition Center and your employer is looking for more employees to fill positions if interested please call to Lisa Dejesus at 787-7111 ext 66107

Sodexo Truck Drivers: There are only 7 truck drivers’ positions available by seniority at this time, those driving positions are all filled as of right now. If you are available to drive and want to work contact Lisa.  So if something comes available you will be on the list to work. For all other Union members that are not working at this time I strongly encourage you to file for unemployment benefits.