COVID-19 Springfield Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers: Long term Subs will continue to be paid. If an employee with a bachelor’s degree has completed the 31 consecutive working days they will continue to be paid. A Substitute who has been assigned to replace a regular teacher who has not yet reached the 31st day will continue to be paid at the day to day Substitute teacher rate of pay and upon completion of the 31st day (inclusive of days when school is not in session due to the coronavirus closure) they will be paid on the compensation schedule.

Zone Substitute Teachers will be paid during the school closure based on the average number of days they worked per week during the course of the school year. If a Zone Substitute has average 4 days per week of work throughout the school year up until the date of closure, they will be paid for 4 days per week during the closure.

Day to Day Substitute Teachers: will not be paid during the school closure and they are eligible to file for unemployment benefits.