Coronavirus COVID-19 Update





I wanted to personally reach out to our hard working members and address the coronavirus, (COVID-19) out-break as it pertains to your job and your family. Every day brings fast new developments and challenges that impact your daily life experiences.


Some of our members are on the frontlines of treating patients, while others are required to come to work to provide service and labor in the public and private sector industries. As a result, there are a number of issues that impact our members in the workplace:

  • Absenteeism: Employers should have a policy to encourage sick workers to stay at home without the

loss of pay, benefits, seniority or other benefits. Unemployment information should be offered as a last option.


  • Workplace Guidelines and Protections: Employers should be administrating policies and procedures for: emergency response plans, safety, health, hygiene practices, appropriate training, education, informational materials, protocols to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


Across the world, we are witnessing an unprecedented demand for food, groceries and healthcare. Many of our members are facing increasing uncertainty as our nation’s economy is impacted by this pandemic. We want you to know despite the ongoing uncertainty; all of us at Local 1459 are doing our best to communicate with your employer to address the problems that are affecting you and your family.



Most employers should want to work cooperatively to ensure both parties are on board with addressing the concerns of members surrounding COVID-19. In most instances, employers are relying on employees’ willingness to come to work while risking potential exposure from the public. Workers that show no symptoms and are fortunate to have healthy family members at home heroically come to work yet are not fairly compensated beyond their normal weekly wages.



Should employees that come to work receive additional compensation? The short answer is yes but, will employers voluntarily do the right thing on their own remains an open debate. We are working with employers, and state and federal leaders to develop plans to address these economic issues. We will keep you apprised of further developments.



Continue to take care of yourself, your family and each other.