The decision to allow non-union workers or “free riders” to prosper in enhanced wages and benefits through the collective bargaining process is financially and morally unjustifiable to all hard working men and women that do pay their fair share of costs associated with servicing labor contracts. This decision is just the latest attack on public sector unions from the far right groups in this country beginning with Governor Scott Walker’s assault against the Teacher’s Union unfurled support of then candidate Barack Obama in 2008.  Die-hard conservatives are more emboldened now that they control all three (3) branches of government and now the United States of Supreme Court.
Our reaction to this latest attack on organized labor is to first procure our membership in each entity by communicating with educating workers.  Union members and non-union members need to know the necessity of sticking together as they will be pressured by misleading phone calls, home visits and social media ads trying to convince you to save money by opting out of paying membership fees.  By doing so, they hope to sway enough workers to the point your union is too weak and ineffective and eventually then ceases to exist altogether.  Without a union contract to protect your existing wages, benefits and worker rights, the disparity between corporations and workers will continue to widen in the coming years.
Stand with working families and show your support for your union and let’s take America back from greedy millionaires and billionaires