Victory Defending Time and a Half!

Yesterday through the outpouring of opposition from UFCW members and allies, Rep. Scibak received dozens and dozens of calls and withdrew his amendment that would have curtailed the current law ensuring time and a half on Sunday.  Thank you to all the members, fellow trade unionists, and allies for making calls and standing up against a pay cut to working people.

This is likely not the last attempt we will see to curtail time and a half.  Big retail corporations will use their money and power to try to get their way.  It is an important reminder why an organization of working people like Local 1459 has a paramount role in defending the gains of our members and all working people.  In order for us to continue this fight and make other political and legislative gains we must continue to build our Active Ballot Club to put resources toward supporting an agenda for hard working men and women. 

Get in touch soon about joining the Active Ballot Club or signing up your coworkers!


UFCW Local 1459