Stop & Shop Bargaining Update 03/24

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This week Kevin Williamson, International Executive Vice President and Director of Collective Bargaining joined us in bargaining.  Kevin arrived this week to assist the five New England Locals get to a final agreement with your employer Stop & Shop. 

Upon arrival, Kevin, along with the five Presidents, began working on the many unresolved issues still on the table from the Company that the Locals have been resisting.  Some of these issues revolve around the Company’s attempt to introduce a new level of full-time employees.  These new employees have the potential of undermining the entire contract by negatively impacting the present full-time complement of Stop & Shop employees. 

After two days the Company is unwilling to move on many issues that the unions will not agree to.
Over the last two days, Kevin has been in constant contact with International President Marc Perrone and he has made him fully aware of all that has transpired.  President Perrone has assured us that the five locals have the full support and backing of the entire International Union, and their 1.3 million members, for whatever they need. 

At some point very soon, we may need to increase the pressure on your employer, to sway their position to something that we can all agree to. 

We are in no rush to get to a bad agreement. 

I just want to assure you that your leadership is working tirelessly to reach an agreement that we can all be proud of.

We will continue to keep you updated to any changes or actions that we may need you to become involved in. 

Thank you for your continued support, and solidarity.  Our unity is our strength and our strength is our unity.

In solidarity,

I remain

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Daniel P. Clifford