Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 02/18

The bigger picture we are seeing is that your Employer appears to have desires on gutting your Union Contract.  Your Employer is NOT recognizing your hard work which reflects directly on its healthy profits.  It would appear to all of us at these negotiations that Stop & Shop is acting as a company teetering on bankruptcy rather than the flourishing leader of the grocery industry of which they enjoy a lucrative standing.  None of what your Company is seeking is needed!  These proposals are generated from Corporate Greed.  It is also our belief that Stop & Shop’s parent group Ahold, while undertaking a huge acquisition of Delhaize stores, is merely trying to set the tone to get the 240 stores covered by these contracts more in line with the non-union stores of Delhaize. 

By now you all should have seen various postings of our upcoming meetings on February 28th 2016.  The agenda is set to:  Accept or Reject your Employer’s proposal.  If the vote is to reject, then a Strike Vote will be taken.  We are hoping that we are able to secure a proposal settlement worthy of your acceptance.  Please know that we do not enjoy putting additional stress on you and your families.  We do not take lightly the issue of a strike.  We are working diligently in unison with all the New England Locals in order to avoid any such unpleasant actions.  These are the “tools” we have in order to ensure your Employer of our desire to remain Strong and United.  We know that past practice has proven that when we “Act Like A Union” your Employer will respect you more.

Stay tuned to our updates, talk with your Union representative, or call the Union office.  Should the need arise to cancel our scheduled meetings on February 28th due to the lack of a proper settlement offer, we will do the best we can to give you as much advance notice as possible.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Daniel P. Clifford
UFCW Local 1459