Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 2/10/16

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters,

We wanted to provide you with a current status report from the “bargaining table.”  Upon our conclusion of today’s session, it can be said that a substantial amount of progress has been achieved.  Both sides have agreed to certain conditions thereby allowing all 5 Local Unions to “close” many of the formerly outstanding issues.  This is not to say that every “language” article has reached agreement.  We can report that your Employer fully understands how serious we feel these articles are.  Due to this understanding, we were not only able to reject unwanted proposals from the Company but were able to successfully secure agreements on topics of interest to our members.  It is our expectation that the next time we meet, the Locals will finally be presented with an economic package for consideration.  Once this has been presented, we are sure that a great deal of work will be required in order for us to bring back the type of settlement you are worthy of receiving.

Stay Informed and Stay In Touch,
Sincerely and Fraternally,

Dan Clifford