Stop & Shop Negotiations Update 1/29/16

As I am sure all of you are aware, Stop & Shop decided this week to launch their ads for replacement workers in the event of a work stoppage or lockout. We feel this was very premature and unnecessary simply due to the fact that we are very early in the process.

So this past Wednesday, we responded by having our bargaining committee leaflet the customers at Stop & Shop in the Providence area and have now expanded that to all the stores in the Local 1459 jurisdiction. This will continue until further notice.

As I have mentioned before, this can be a long and arduous process. We need the support of each and every Local 1459 member to stand behind and with their Local and show Stop & Shop that we will not be bullied.

Remember, our unity is our strength, and our strength is our unity. Stay Strong!

In Solidarity,

President Dan Clifford

UFCW Local 1459