Walmart leafleting in support of minimum wage

On July 24, Western Mass. Jobs with Justice and community allies leafleted customers and workers inside the Hadley, MA Walmart.  Among those participating was Jeff Jones and Heather LaPenn from the UFCW 1459 staff, as well as stewards Phil Bekech from Store 94 and Nate Garand from Store 9.

The leafleting was part of a coordinated federal and statewide action in support of raising the minimum wage.  At present there is a bill in the Mass. State Legislature to raise the state minimum wage to $11 over 3 years.

Walmart is one of the worst employers in the country with an average wage of $8.81/hr.  At that rate workers cannot afford the meager company insurance plan so they end up on public assistance. Today’s gathering was coordinated with Jobs with Justice, UFCW and the Our Walmart campaign for dignity on the job for Walmart workers.