COVID-19 Update for Belchertown, Granby & Ware

Posted by mszulborski on

We maintain daily contact with First Student.  We continue to advocate that drivers get paid for this shutdown.  We will continue to do so and update you if and when there are any changes.  For now, continue to file for unemployment. 

COVID-19 Update for First Student Belchertown, Granby & Ware

Posted by cadams on

The yard manager has told the Union that the three towns are asking for a reduced rate so as to not pay for multiple weeks in March.  I have sent a letter to all three Superintendents asking them to please pay the contract rates as these funds have been allocated by the Town and are already budgeted in their expenses. I mentioned in the letter that I would hope they would do the right thing before the Union would have to address with politicians and taxpayers.

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