Local 1459 and Community Allies Rally in Springfield for Change at PriceRite

The Price Rite campaign is part of a national and regional effort of communities coming together and fighting to improve the lives of workers by highlighting irresponsible employers who must take action to change the lives of the hard-working employees for the better. 

The “Change Price Rite for the Better” campaign is continuing with a series of coordinated public actions, as well as a targeted social media effort, that will reach out to educate and mobilize communities to support Price Rite employees’ efforts to better their lives. During this week’s actions, the UFCW, Jobs With Justice, clergy, and other allies are holding rallies outside of Price Rite stores. A delegation made up of representatives from each group are coming together to sign and deliver a letter to Price Rite management, calling on the company to “do what is right” and provide better wages, better benefits, and better scheduling that Price Rite workers deserve. 

Price Rite runs 58 stores across eight states and employs thousands of hard-working men and women. Among the many issues affecting many of the workers in the area are low wages, inconsistent scheduling, unpaid sick leave, and other poor employment practices proliferated by stores like Price Rite. Companies like Price Rite hurt not only employees, families and their communities, but its low wage model hurts everybody in the retail industry.

The campaign to “Change Price Rite for the Better” is part of regional and national effort to highlight the need for retail companies, like Price Rite, to pay the hard-working men and women better.