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Quench Your Thirst with a Union-Made-in-America Brew

Like the song says, “Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets.” Then you can cool off with a made in America and union-brewed cold beer. There’s a wide range of union-made beers to please any palate, from the ubiquitous Bud Light from Anheuser-Busch to the hard to find Talon Double IPA from Mendocino Brewing Co. to organic brews from Butte Creek Brewing and the classic “Land of Sky Blue Waters” Hamm’s from Miller/Coors.

UFCW Members in New York Rally at State Capitol in Support of Minimum Wage Hike

Members from UFCW Locals 1 and 1500, along with community groups and other unions, participated at a rally at the New York State Capitol building in support of raising the state’s minimum wage.

6 Ways Walmart's Response to The New York Times Is Dishonest or Misleading

A New York Times op-ed by Timothy Egan criticizing Walmart drew a response from the corporate giant that Ari Rabin-Havt at Slate called "juvenile." That's a nice way to say that the self-serving response is either wildly misleading or just plain dishonest in defending the country's largest employer against charges that it underpays its workers and harms the economy.

I’m Going Where the Action Is: Massachusetts

When I get frustrated with the Republican gridlock in Washington, D.C., that has put a stranglehold on so many vital working family issues like raising wages, paid sick leave, workers' rights and more, I look around and see the work the labor movement and its allies are doing in the states. That’s where the action is these days, and that’s why I’m so looking forward to my trip to Massachusetts today.

Give Veterans the Health Care They Deserve, Staff the VA

The recent revelations of long waiting lists for military veterans seeking treatment at Veterans Affairs (VA) health care facilities and of management cover-ups has prompted AFGE to again call on Congress to fully staff the VA in order to provide the health care veterans deserve.

Eighty workers at the CertainTeed drywall plant in West Virginia, voted to have a union voice and joined UFCW Local 45C. Pictured left to right: Ron Moore, Andrew Gaiser, Josh Mazey, Carl Sweeney, Lance Heasley.
Eighty workers at the CertainTeed drywall plant in West Virginia, voted to have a union voice and joined UFCW Local 45C. Pictured left to right: Ron Moore, Andrew Gaiser, Josh Mazey, Carl Sweeney, Lance Heasley.

CertainTeed Workers Say “Yes” to a Union Voice with the Chemical Workers

Eighty workers at the CertainTeed drywall plant in Proctor, West Virginia, voted “Union Yes” on June 6 to join the International Chemical Workers Union Council.

Meet Some of the Women Attending the White House Working Families Summit

Today more than 250 women workers and labor participants are in Washington, D.C., at AFL-CIO headquarters preparing to share their stories at the White House Working Families summit Monday.

Stories from the Women Workers Who Make Our Country Great

Women are coming together and improving their workplaces by fighting for policies that include everything from raising the tipped and minimum wage, making equal pay for equal work a reality, demanding more consistent and adequate hours in retail scheduling to making sure everyone has access to affordable child care and can receive basic workplace accommodations during pregnancy. These women workers know collective bargaining and collective action are important for achieving workplace policies that work for women and families.

Let's Talk About Working Women and Raising Wages

Aisha Thurman, a waitress and mother of two, has been a restaurant worker for the past 20 years. Her base salary for each of those years has been $2.65 an hour. The minimum tipped wage has been frozen at $2.13 since 1991. Thurman joined the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United in Michigan because she wants to change the restaurant industry for the better and make it a better place for women, especially single moms like her.

Bene’t Holmes (Right)
Bene’t Holmes (Right)

“The White House Summit on Working Families Needs to Hear Worker Voices”–A Guest Blog by OUR Walmart Member Bene’t Holmes

As a 25 year old single mother I know the realities of trying to survive on low wages. I live with my five-year old son in Chicago and I work for Walmart, the world’s largest private employer and a company that made over $16 billion in profits last year.  In the nine short months I have worked for the giant retailer, my heartbreaking experiences have driven me to take action and stand up for pregnant and working mothers.

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