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That Awkward Sound? A Panel of Experts Trying to Defend Walmart from Questions Asked by One Senator

Here’s a radical idea: How about a huge corporation whose owners have more money than God (actually, more money than 40% of the American people) pays its people a living wage with medical benefits? I know, I know, just dreaming over here. But John Lennon once wrote, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

President Obama, Flanked by UFCW Member, Pushes to Expand Overtime Pay

President Obama ordered the Department of Labor to expand federal rules so that more salaried workers would be able to qualify for overtime pay. Currently, any salaried employee making more than $455 per week is not required to be given overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week.

This Is Radio Labor. This Sound Does Not Subscribe to the Corporate Plan*

Charles Showalter paraphrases Mark Twain when he hears somebody preach the funeral of unions and union radio. “The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated,” says Showalter, host of "The Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio," based in Pittsburgh.

Obama Seeks to Restore Overtime Pay for Millions of Workers Denied Under Bush-Era Rules

In 2004, President George W. Bush, at the urging of business groups, used his executive powers to change overtime eligibility rules and allow businesses to deny overtime for millions of workers. Tomorrow, President Barack Obama is expected to announce that he will direct the U.S. Department of Labor to update overtime eligibility rules to restore overtime protection that workers have lost to inflation since 1975.

Mythopedia Will Help You School Your Right-Wing Uncle's Lies About Unions

On Wednesday, Media Matters for America launched a new website, Mythopedia, that presents rebuttals to common right-wing lies and distortions in a way that anyone can understand, including a section on spin and lies about unions. The site is searchable and simple to use in multiple formats, including desktop, smartphone or tablet, and will be updated frequently.

New Jersey Truck Stop Workers Vote to Join the RWDSU

Workers at the Pilot Flying J Travel Center in Bloomsbury, New Jersey, voted overwhelmingly last week to join the RWDSU/UFCW Local 108. Pilot Flying J is the largest travel center chain in the country with over 550 locations under the Pilot and Flying J brands. The chain is owned by the family of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and is operated by his brother, Jimmy Haslam.

Rising Up in Retail Facebook Page Launched for Retail Workers

Although the retail sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States and an important employer of minorities and women, many retail workers are struggling to survive in low-wage jobs with inconsistent hours and little to no benefits. To help retail workers connect with each other, a Rising Up in Retail Facebook page has been launched at so that workers can engage in online discussions about the challenges and issues they face in their stores and share solutions.

Low-Wage Worker Movement Leads to Retailers Raising Wages

In the past year, the debate surrounding the minimum wage has erupted. Workers at successful retailers like Walmart and Gap, fed up with working hard but not earning enough to get by, stood up and spoke out, demanding that these giant retailers share in their success, and pay their employees a living wage.

Opinion: Walmart Is Far From A Victim Of 'Partisan' Labor Board

In a recent opinion column on, Peter Schaumber, a persistent critic of the National Labor Relations Board, claims that the world’s largest corporation is the “victim” of the actions of a “partisan” labor board. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why Unions Matter

Millions of unemployed and underemployed college graduates are learning the hard truth that a degree does not guarantee a job. “Coupled with the extraordinary spike in college tuition, the flagging economy that welcomed Millennials into the workforce means that not only are our young people graduating with far fewer opportunities for high-paying jobs, but they are coming out of college with mountains of debt,” writes Leslie Tolf, president of Union Privilege, in The Huffington Post.

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