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UFCW International President Perrone: “Mr. Trump’s Circus Aside, we Need a Serious Debate on Immigration Reform”

Today in the Washington Post, UFCW International President Marc Perrone, in a letter to the editor, wrote about how it’s time to focus on real ideas for immigration reform:

“The circus surrounding Donald Trump and his presidential campaign paralyzes our country, preventing it from having a constructive debate about immigration [“Trump driving migrant debate,” front page, Aug. 18].

Shuler Spotlights Organizing Efforts in Twin Cities

In the video above, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler discusses the type of coalition-building that is necessary to succeed in efforts like those in Minnesota's Twin Cities to raise wages and improve working conditions.

UFCW Local 23 Helps Pass Paid Sick Leave Law in Pittsburgh

Last week, Pittsburgh passed a law that guarantees paid sick days for every worker in the city.

The victory was made possible by UFCW Local 23 members who spent weeks canvassing and building community support for the law.

Stand With Fresh Seasons Workers in Their Fight to Be Paid

When Fresh Seasons Markets in Victoria and Glen Lake, Minnesota closed a year ago, owner Tom Wartman failed to pay his employees the vacation and personal-holiday pay they had earned. Now, the stores in Victoria and Glen Lake have reopened under slightly changed names and the former Fresh Seasons workers are still not getting paid what they’re owed. Tom Wartman is still profiting from the buildings he owns.

Bloomingfoods Workers Ratify Their First Union Contract

Workers at Bloomingfoods Co-op in Bloomington, Ind., have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first union contract as members of UFCW Local 700.

Bloomingfoods workers successfully negotiated a contract that ensures fair wage increases, a process for resolving workplace issues, and a voice for all workers in the cooperative.

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